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Step into your light & OWN that shit!




Intuition and/or Spiritual Gifts

Intuition is something that is ingrained in all of us. I like to call this the gateway to guidance from source (it really doesn't matter if you use the term god, source, all that is, the universe etc. it all leads to the same higher power) and your personal spiritual team. Whether you are looking to develop your gifts or wanting to strengthen your intuition to receive direct guidance from your team the first thing is to get to know and understand your energy and intuition.


Mentoring sessions are perfect for those who would like a customized developmental plan to understand and enhance their intuition and/or psychic, healing, mediumship, and empathic gifts.


Mastering Your Soul's Lessons


In order for our souls to ascend to be in alignment with source, we must first master specific lessons we have pre-arranged before incarnation. The challenging part comes when incarnation happens, and we enter the realm of free will (earth). Mentoring for mastering your soul's lessons, I will help you begin the process of adjusting your perception to see the higher purpose behind every situation you have faced during your lifetime and prepare you to handle future situations better. Releasing and healing those areas and opening you up to the infinite possibilities of universal manifestation. If you are ready to stop allowing your past to dictate your future and become a master of your journey this path is for you!


1:1 Mentoring: Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.

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