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Hi, I'm Krys. This is your safe space to dig deep and explore your soul.

Master Shaman Mentor, Psychic Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, and Metaphysical Mentor. It's my job to help you step into your light and help you own that shit.


Soul Lessons & Guidance

Let's be real for a moment. We all came to this life with shit to accomplish. A plan you set up with your spiritual team of what lessons you want to master. Also, how you are going to be of service to universal consciousness? At the epicenter of that plan is your soul lessons.

Are You A Sensitive Soul? Can You Relate?

Far too often the focus goes solely on living in positivity and manifestation. (I'm sure that's not going to sit well with quite a few people but hear me out...) Now, don't get me wrong, that's great but when it comes down to it when you are not in alignment with your soul's purpose, existing in a state of positivity and manifestation can feel like such a bitch! You find yourself being positive in an uphill battle struggling to manifest the simplest things. I would know...been there, done that! Every time I felt that I was finally getting on track or at least able to see the light at the end of the tunnel life would kick my ass five steps back. All the positive affirmations and vision boards in the world didn't make a shred of difference. I would just stand there staring at my board pissed off resenting life! Asking whomever above that cared to hear me, why me? What was so bad about me that I couldn't catch a break? I've had a rough life but I've always known (at least far far far in the back of my mind and don't ask me how I knew...I just knew.) that there was a greater purpose for my existence and a reason for everything I've experienced. Even though it took me what seemed like forever to shift my perspective from the worst luck ever to thankfulness for the blessings. Eventually, it did and I began to understand that I wasn't standing in my power and I was allowing my gifts to run my life. Especially my empath abilities, I was allowing it to impact my decision making negatively. I had to go through all I did so I would be the type of teacher that I am and come from a purely genuine space. 

Start Your Self Discovery Journey

So I ask you, why not turn inward and take the journey of self-discovery? Understand your journey and begin mastering your soul's lessons. After all, why subject yourself through the torture of having to redo the same lesson(s) in another lifetime!? Am I right....who has time for that shit!

Get To Know Krys

Old soul, psychic medium, intuitive healer, reiki master, and spiritual mentor. Kind of a smart ass, no sugar coating straightforwardness with love kinda soul. A voice for spirit bringing messages of healing and comfort for those to know the soul never dies.


My life purpose is to help you step into your light and own that shit! I am passionate about helping others learn the tools to turn down the voice of ego and turn up their intuition and tap into the guidance from their own personal spiritual team. Whether you realize it or not intuition is ingrained in every single person, everyone has the ability to expand and strengthen intuition. I am also a mentor to those who have spiritual gifts and are answering their spiritual awakening call to develop and step into their path as a lightworker.  

Since as far back as I can remember I have always been able to sense the presence of spirit and easily read people through their energy. As a child, I had insight beyond my years about people and situations. Being an empath and an old soul, I found that people would always pour their life stories and struggles out to me while seeking my advice. This is also something I didn’t understand during my younger years. When others would point this fact out to me I would just laugh it off. I mean, what else can I do if I myself did not understand it. Feeling the energy of the room and of others is just something I thought everyone can do so I kind of just ignored that aspect of myself for a long time. For me growing up I never really spoke about my ability to connect with spirit. My childhood, if you even want to call it that, wasn’t the best so my gifts took a backseat. Quite frankly, it really scared the shit out of me so I ran from it. Being an islander having a superstitious spiritual side mixed in with a religious aspect didn’t make sense to me. To have the gifts that I do and stand in my power I found myself being torn in half about which side was the "right" way. Which in turn became another reason to add to the list of me not embracing who I was. (and by the way, those saying “oh just ignore it or tell them to go away.” Does not work when you haven’t stepped into your power yet. Just sayin’…).


Fast forward many moons later, I finally accepted another, among countless openings, spirit was giving me to have my awakening. Since then, I have devoted my life to my purpose as a lightworker. Looking back on all those years running when I was scared and confused as to why I am the way I am, now I could kick myself for not embracing it sooner! Finally accepting and embracing my awakening all the dots were connecting and everything finally made sense. I never want another gifted individual to live their life feeling that way. Nor do I want a person, gifted or not, to feel that they always have to seek out guidance from another when you have the natural ability to receive guidance through your own intuition.

Peace & Love, 



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